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Now available: description of internships for 2014.
Now available: PhD positions for 2014.

- Jan. 2014: Victoria Rudakova defends her PhD thesis.
- Jan. 2014: Pierre Moulon defends his PhD thesis.
- Dec. 2013: Pascal Monasse defends his HDR.
- Oct. 2013: Oliver Collier defends his PhD thesis.
- Oct. 2013: Kick-off of ANR project Semapolis.
- Jul. 2013: Nikos Komodakis defends his HDR.
- Apr. 2013: code available for OpenMVG, an Open Multiple View Geometry library (see ICCV 2013).
- Mar. 2013: David Ok defends his PhD thesis.
- Feb. 2013: Martin de La Gorce joins the group.
- Jan. 2013: Guillaume Obozinski joins the group.
- Dec. 2012: Laetitia Comminges defends her PhD thesis.
- Sep. 2012: Nikos Komodakis joins the group.
- Sep. 2012: code available for a virtual line descriptor and a semi-local graph matching method (see BMVC 2012).
- July 2012: code available for fast and robust normal estimation for point clouds with sharp features (see SGP 2012).
- Dec. 2011: Hoang Hiep Vu defends his PhD thesis.
- Nov. 2011: Imagine wins the PRoVisG Mars 3D Challenge.

- Sep. 2011: Imagine and Nikos Paragios's group at ECP team up to form the Center for Visual Computing (CVC)
- Feb. 2011: Imagine 3D photography technology available via Acute3D emerging company
- Jun. 2010: ECCV'10 Area Chairs Colloquium in Paris. ECP/INRIA/ENPC
- May 2010: 3DPVT'10 in Paris. Imagine serves as local chair
- Jun. 2009: Award in Stereovision: Patrick Labatut has been awarded for his PhD work ("Google doctoral spotlight") at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Miami
- Jun. 2009: Award in Learning: IMAGINE and INRIA Sequel are awarded by the best student paper award at the 22th Annual Conference on Learning Theory, Montreal
- Jun. 2009: IMAGINE is now part of the Universite Paris Est Computer Science lab, the LabInfo Gaspard Monge
- Jan. 2009: CERTIS is now IMAGINE, a Ecole des Ponts ParisTech/CSTB joint group!
- Oct. 2008: 3D Photography gallery

- Sep. 2008: Award in Stereovision: as a co-author, Jean-Philippe Pons has been awarded by the CRS Industrial Prize at the 19th British Machine Vision Conference, Leeds.
- Jun. 2008: Award in Image Retrieval: IMAGINE research is awarded by the best paper award at the Sixth International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing, London.

IMAGINE (previously CERTIS) is a joint group between Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment. Part of the Universite Paris Est Computer Science lab, the LabInfo Gaspard Monge, IMAGINE is located near Paris.
IMAGINE is working on:
  • Three-dimensional reconstruction from images
  • Machine learning
  • Mesh processing and physical simulations
with a particular effort on creating and simulating 3D semantized models for sustainable development.
Some specific highlights may be found in the following press papers and communication letters (in French): Please, see our research or demos pages for further information.